Self Service Automation, Create your Cyber Scope Requirements in Minutes!

Engage, Customise and Track Interest from Trusted Cyber Security Providers with our intuitive Platform!

We simplify the scoping and delivery of cyber security solutions and services, to connect you with leading cyber security service providers.

What if you could be guided through your cyber security scoping exercise, have it built for you and then sent automatically to the right service provider!

One platform

To be guided through your cyber scope requirement exercise, to identifying the right service provider to assist your organisation.


Automatically build out your requirements in minutes with expert guidance.

Real Time Tracking

Engage multiple service providers at once to gauge interest.

Save Time & Money

Don’t waste time trying to document and find security companies, go direct and have that informed conversation.

Total Number of Suppliers

Access Leading Service Providers Directly & Securely

Proposal confidentiality is ensured at all times between you and your chosen service provider, we never see any proposals.

Cyber Scope Creation Workflows

Do it all on one platform  – Total Cost starting at just $69.95!

Watch Me to Find out More!

How does it work!

Automate your build to procure process.

Do it all on one platform.

Be guided through the build process with expert knowledge

You choose whom to share your details with and who to engage 

See who’s interested and engage Direct

Engage directly with your chosen providers securely

Built by Security Professionals to inform and expedite your needs.

Dozens of Cyber Scoping Creation Workflows, from start to finish.


We’ve built a platform with security and privacy built in, through technical and administrative controls.


We use modern industry best practice to ensure all aspects of the platform are secured appropriately. We never see your proposal documents.


We  match your requirement and you choose who to send your Cyber Build too! You can use your Dash Page to send and track your interest in real time.


Like your very own Cyber Personal Shopper: We guide you through the key pieces of information security providers need to know.  Informing you why it is important and what to else to consider.

Customer Journey

Have that informed conversation through an expertly designed, fully automated platform.


Step 1 - Registration

Create a Free Account

Step 2 - Choose Your Scope Workflow

Match Your Requirements to one of our Cyber Security Creation Workflows – completely customisable.


Step 3 - Follow our intuitive workflow

To generate your scoping document through expert guidance by selecting pre-determined, common requirements. 


Step 4 - Research & Match Your Suppliers

Insightful knowledge about the providers capability and expertise, you can even search by technology partnerships. 


Step 8 - Retention

After 30 days we delete your scope document and we never see your proposal.

Step 7 - Informed Conversation

Save time and money and have that direct informed conversation with your chosen provider.

Step 6 - Track Interest and Engage

Everything you need to know on one Dash Page, including sent history and interest.


Step 5 - Engage Your Chosen Providers

With the click of a button you can send your completed scoping document to your chosen providers.

Service Providers get started to find new opportunities and optimise your proposal costs.


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90 Day Window to Secure Service Providers

We’ll leave your Cyber Expedite build open for 90 days to ensure you get the right service provider.

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