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Our mission is to add value with Trust, Security and Choice at the core of our platform

Our Approach

Everything You’ll Need to know!

Built on leading Cloud Platforms

Built using secure and leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Front and  Backend systems.

Auth0 Authentication

Authentication is completely managed by Auth0, one of the world’s leading identity providers, we don’t store any passwords.

Payments by Stripe

Secure payments, all handled by Stripe leading payment platform. We never process or store any financial payments.

Data Protection and GDPR Complaint

All data is captured is encrypted in transit and at rest, we also only process and store any limited PII we collect in the EEA to comply with GDPR.

Protecting your Identity

Our approach allows you to engage directly with your choosen Service Provider. We never share your details. Your in control!

Technical Controls

We’ve implemented controls which allows us to process and store Cyber Builds with no identifiable PII data so your proposal and requirement stays safe and secure.


You control your own engagement preference and whom to share your contact details with.


A strict customer to service provider relationship is enforced, so all proposals are sent directly between you and the service provider. We never store or process proposals.

Data Classification & Retention

We classify and consider every piece of data you submit as confidential and we have strict retention periods in place.

Built on three core principles





Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are information security experts with over two decades of experience leading and defining and managing security strategy for some of the largest organisations and government bodies.

What we do?

We built Cyber Expedite to add value by guiding organisations through information security and cyber security requirement scoping exercisers, to expedite how quickly organisations can define their requirements and connect them with the right service provider with the right skillset.

Are we can RFP/RFQ service?

Not exactly, we believe in protecting service providers IP (Intellectual Property) and maintaining the confidential and direct client – service provider relationship. Our goal is allow organisations to move with pace and agility by building out scoping requirements documents in minutes and identifying potential service providers with the right skillset. This way clients can have informed conversations and move to a proposal and quote stage quickly.

Where is my data kept?

We store all data in leading cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft, to further protect the actual build documents no client identifying markings are included.

Is my data Secure?

We take all reasonable steps to protect the data we ingest, through leading cloud service providers, we have strict retention controls in place with multifactor authentication on every service we use.

Do we vet service providers?

We do not vet service providers, we collect specific service provider information to inform your choice and if you choose to engage you would need to carry out our on due diligence if required.

Are we PCI compliant?

We use only PCI compliant cloud providers and have implemented industry best practice iframe to ensure our infrastructure never processes or stores credit card information. All processing is completed by Stripe.

What is our approach to data retention?

We assess all data we ingest and apply retention controls, we store the actual build documents on a leading cloud provider infrastructure and all build documents are deleted after 30 days.

What is our approach to Cyber Security?

We take all reasonable steps to secure all data we ingest, we only use leading cloud providers, no client data is kept on our webserver. We have implemented best practice such as vulnerability management, hardening, WAF and DDOS, separate infrastructure and restriction of any API’s we use. We also pen test regularly to ensure to manage our cyber security risk.  

How long do I have to secure a service provider?

You have 30 days to secure your provider.

Are there any other charges except for purchasing a Cyber Build?

No, after you have purchased your cyber build, you can send to any service provider you choose, track interest, engage directly or anonymously. We never share your details you’re in control.

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30 Day Window to Secure Service Providers

We’ll leave your Cyber Expedite build open for 30 days to ensure you get the right service provider, or if your requirement gets delayed.